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CYRE Long Rifle

The CYRE has been the rifle of choice from the Pexo company. So here's a goodbye to a rifle that has been in service for nearly two decades. As the future moves forward, so does this industries leading company.
All lore aside I had a TON of fun designing this rifle from the ground up. It has been a long project for me, and I have a few friends to thank for the constant support.
From silhouette to block out, model to final textured product, I took this straight from a sketch I did on the back of a receipt finishing it off with some UE4 Renders.
I used the Paragon free level from Epic Games as a backdrop, set up lighting, and took these shots with cinematic cameras.
Personal critiques!
-I could have spent more time on my UV's, optimizing it to get less stretching and artifacts.
-Further color balancing
-Adding Glass/mesh inserts in the scope
-Tone down the emissive
-Increased Barrel Vent fin size
15,669 Polygons
Thank you for viewing!